Delivery Solutions

Astek has been providing IT and Engineering solutions for more than 30 years to some of the world’s largest industrial and services groups in the Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Ground Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, Travel and Telecoms sectors.

E-Commerce Solution

Online booking site for a major Hotel group

The hotel group wanted a tool which could filter availability in real-time so users could quickly book available rooms at all its hotels from any range or brand.

Mobile, Tablet Development

Hospital Information System

Astek was asked to work on a digital transformation project for a hospital group involving designing a new generation of their administrative and medical software programs on multiple media and in multiple formats for use in their establishments.

Visualising & Augmented Reality

3D vision for an armoured vehicle simulator

Astek made various components for 3D tactical terrain monitoring software integrated into an armoured vehicle training simulator.

Collaborative solution

A collaborative portal for an electrical distribution firm

A Corporate Social Network was included in the intranet created for this global group, making it a real place for discussion and a catalyst for collaborative, interdisciplinary working.